I made this blog for lack of other places to endlessly ramble about whatever takes my fancy on any given day – like thousands of websites across the net, I know. I make no claims to be definitive in my discussions, they’re merely my opinions, and it is quite possible likely that you will disagree vehemently with what I have to say. If this is the case, feel free to post a comment displaying your disgust and outrage. I’ll get around to responding at some point.

If for some reason you are inclined to visit here and read whatever nonsense I’ve dragged up from my brain, you’ll find a little bit of everything: sport, music, news, books. In all fairness, you could find anything: I may even post some of my creative writing on occasion, if you’re that unfortunate.

Honestly, I don’t know how you can fail to be excited, this is bound to be a real treasure trove worth wasting your precious hours on.

If for any reason, you want to contact me and a comment on the site does not suffice, I’m available on:

Email: bhjohnson@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @driftedoffside

As you were, then.


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